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We spoke with Project Lead Dan Musil of Bohemia Interactive on ARMA third The main issues addressed in the interview: Demo, copy, technical improvements, multiplayer, mod support, system requirements and gameplay changes.

By Christian Fritz Schneider |

Date: 07/18/2012

ARMA 3: Dan Musil of Bohemia Interactive answered questions about ARMA third Dan Musil of Bohemia Interactive answered questions about ARMA third

On the topic “Interview with Ivan Buchta” We do not want a perfect game “” All videos for ARMA 3 Walkthroughs and Trailer The military simulation ArmA 3 will appear in the first half of 2013. Until then, there is still a long way for the developer Bohemia Interactive. Among other things, according to the game show gamescom 2012 a community-alpha appear and give that game to make error-free and more playable. We spoke with Project Lead Dan Musil of Bohemia Interactive on ARMA 3 and had given that issues from the community here. Here are his answers.

Gamestar: Will there be a separate co-op campaign? If so, for how many players?

Dan Musil: No, we instead focus on the single player campaign and a variety of co-op and competitive multiplayer modes and scenarios. Which should offer something for every player.

The maximum number of players will be determined after our internal testing and stability testing in community-alpha.

Gamestar: Will there be new multiplayer modes and returns Warfare?

Dan Musil: It is still too early to as going into specific details, since the multiplayer code and the gameplay is mostly the middle of development. We’re eager to offer extensive multiplayer options, but that will depend on what we can get out of the general multiplayer capabilities of the game.
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Gamestar: Will it be possible in multiplayer mode to steal the uniforms of the enemy and attract?

Dan Musil: We have decided that you can only change the uniforms on their own side. Initially, we wanted to happen that the players can wear enemy uniforms, but it resulted in some very complex problems with the AI ​​and multiplayer rules. It also violates the Geneva Convention.

Gamestar: Will there be more fractions, except those that you have been announced?

Dan Musil: No, it will not.

Gamestar: Will there be a stealth system in ARMA 3 and appropriate weapons, such as knives or a (tech) bow?

Dan Musil: When it comes to cars, we have incorporated any special stealth capabilities. When infantry gameplay we want to be as authentic as possible, so there will be no arcade-like stealth mode. Melee weapons like knives or even crossbows and harpoons but on our wish list. But they are not a priority.

Gamestar: Can the AI ​​in ARMA 3 finally no longer see through the grass?

Dan Musil: Unfortunately, there is no progress. It remains as it is.
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Gamestar: How did you decide which weapons and vehicles coming in ARMA 3 will be used?

Dan Musil: Since there was much to look, because we want to reach a near-future look. There were also one or another personal preference, which influenced the decision-making process.

Gamestar: Your currently improving the command menus. What games do you serve as an inspiration?

Dan Musil: Particularly in the case of the command menus, it is difficult to draw inspiration from other games, as there are not many games that are as complex as ARMA. Our designers have viewed many tactics and first-person shooter, and generally tried to improve the interface. But they have also drawn lessons from past series and parts of the player feedback.

Gamestar: The AI ​​can be in the campaign for the frustration factor, especially if you ever has to take a hand. How will you avoid such scenes?

Dan Musil: The ARMA 2 campaign, there were characters that were not allowed to die. In ARMA 3, we are a bit brutal, so it should almost all die.Dont be a looser and grab all the Arma 3 Hacks and Cheats you can get your hands on.